Friday, May 29, 2009

A Quarterback Showdown!

It is the last day before the big game, and often times the winners are determined by the quarterbacks. Just like when Tom Brady plays Peyton Manning, or Steve Young played Troy Aikman, this is sure to be a shootout. EJ Nemeth will be under-center for the Mariners, and Terry Chisley will be taking the righns for the Armor.

A product of Sacred Heart University, Nemeth has played in the world of indoor football for a number of years. In 2008 he split time in the Intense Football League (yes, that was actually a real league) between the Alaska Wild and the San Angelo Stampede Express. He was cut from the SASE mid way through the season, and signed with the Wild, where he helped lead them to a 5-9 season, which was good enough to be second worst in the league. He was cut immediately after the season.

Terry Chisley's past is unknown. It appears as if he never played college football, and if he did it is not recorded anywhere on the Internet. However, he may or may not have once been an exotic dancer, who performed under the name Silk. Whereas Nemeth was learning how the be a terrible quarterback in Alaska, Chisley was learning vital footwork and and how to move around in the backfield. It also appears Chisley played tennis at one point.

Finally, the Mariner Maniacs have updated their Facebook group for the big game. The news section reads "Next Home Game May30at 7pm vs D.C. Armour. Come on Baltimmore (sic) help the Baltimore Mariners TAKE YOUR RESPECT." It seems as if coherent sentences still baffle the Mariner Maniacs. Firstly, Armor is spelled wrong. Armor can be spelled with a 'u', if you live in England, but the DC Armor spell their names the American way, cause last I checked, they were based in America. Secondly, they spelled Baltimore wrong. Thirdly, TAKE YOUR RESPECT doesn't make sense. Since they failed to include a period, take your respect in this context applies to the Mariners stripping the residents of Baltimore of their own self respect. So essentially, they are asking the people of Baltimore to watch the game so they can suffer physiological damage.

I hope you Mariner fans have had as much fun reading this over the past two months as I have had writing it. On behalf of myself, Jesse, and Mr. X, we wish you good luck in coping with tomorrow's loss. If there's one thing Terry Chisley knows, it's how to put on a good show.


  1. C.S.I wont be able to piece the crime scene together. Hey big mouth Alex and Jessi bad idea to come to B-more they are waiting in the lot for you.

  2. Coach James, you tell him how it is!!!! Stop by for a hot dog and beer on me, and watch us string young Alex by his balls from the roof top!!!! Good luck tomorrow team says you're gonna need it!!! LMAO

    Professional Antagonist

  3. The Maniacs are spread out around the arena. Someone will spot him. The cell phones will be ringing off the hook. I pitty this kid.

  4. That post can not be coach Daniel James. He can't spell that good.