Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Redskins-Ravens, Nationals-Orioles, ARMOR-MARINERS

It is only three days until the big game, and that means a new battle of the beltways. But unlike the Nationals-Orioles rivalry, which is primarily about television rights, this is about pride. Which is the better city? DC or Baltimore? Well obviously DC, but which city is better at indoor football? That is the big question nobody's minds.

Instead, the fine citizens of Baltimore are outraged at the city's leash laws. According the the Baltimore Sun, citizens of Baltimore are upset "at the recent jump in fines for dogs caught off-leash - from $100 to $1,000." Citizens took the the streets in protest, and "After a hearing [in front of the city council] that lasted more than three hours, drew about 50 people and was dominated by those who wanted the fine lowered, the council's legislative committee voted to change the leash law's $1,000 fine to a staggered penalty system. " We can now rank the Mariners on Baltimore resident's priority list:

1. The Ravens
2. The Orioles
3. The Inner Harbor
4. Blue Crabs
5. Pollution Plants
6. Prostitution
7. Cocaine
8. The Recession
9. 99 cent/cash-checked stores
10. The Blast (indoor soccer)
11. Dog Leashes
12. The Mariners

Expect them to fall even lower this weekend in what is sure to be the biggest blowout of the season. Go Armor!

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