Friday, June 5, 2009

A Rematch, and Another Chance at Peace

Tomorrow will be the second ever meeting between the DC Armor and the hated Baltimore Mariners. However, it will also be a meeting between Armor Nation and the Mariner Maniacs. But after last weekends events, this meeting will not be a one of conflict, but of peace.

After a disturbance that has been in effect for over two months, great steps have been made to end the conflict between the two groups of AIFA fans. Our people have been hostile towards each other for too long now, and it is time to put past differences aside.

As an agent of change, I decided to meet the Mariners without pre-conditions. Although I was advised against it, the move paid off well. Fully decked out in armor (get it? get it?), four of my closest allies and I ventured into unknown territory. I was greeted with a warm welcome, and shared beverages with two of the Maniacs top officials, one of whom was the vice president and author of my rival blog, All seemed to be going well, then disaster struck.

It was time to meet the President, Mr. Ed himself. I went to shake his hand, but he pulled away. He did not want peace, but instead to keep the conflict going for political gain. I was shocked. I always considered Mr. Ed to be a bit of a father figure in my life, but instead he acted as if we had no business together. However, the worst was yet to come.

An unknown Mariner Maniac cursed me out while his son cheered him along. I had to do all I could to fight back tears, but his breath smelled so much of onion the I couldn't help myself. Then, like the red sea itself, the Mariner Maniacs divided in two: those who wanted to talk peace, and those who wanted nothing to do with me. What had I done!?

The game went on as planned. We painted out chests are cheered hard for the Armor. Meanwhile, we engaged in some friendly back-and-forth trash talking with our new found Mariner Maniac buddies. After a hard fought victory, we met in the parking lot after the game to say goodbye and exchange contact information with our new friends for life. However, peace still has yet to be reached with Mr. Ed and the rest of the Mariner Maniacs.

I hope tomorrow we can put this all behind us. Win or loose, this should be a great rivalry for years to come. I will always hate the Mariners, but maybe, I can love the Mariner Maniacs. It's up to you now.

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